Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment with Prof Lubbe?

Simply complete our convenient online appointment request form.

If you have specifically been referred to Dr Lubbe, you will need to have your referral letter on hand, as well as any scans that may have been taken of the region requiring surgery.

Is the practice contracted in to medical aid?

There is no longer a contract-in rate for medical services. Each individual medical insurer determines a rate at which a specific service or procedure will be settled. Likewise, each medical practitioner determines the rate at which he/she bills for procedures.

Drs Lubbe and Goncalves charge according to Discovery Classic rates. We advise all patients to speak to their funders or insurers before surgery to verify exactly how much the fund will contribute towards the costs. The patient is responsible for settling the difference. 


How long is the waiting list for surgery?

Much depends on the urgency of the case, how booked up we are, and where the surgery will be performed (Cape Town Mediclinic or Groote Schuur Hospital). Contact our offices for more information in this regard.

How does the current Covid-19 pandemic impact appointments and surgeries?

We have put measures in place to help reduce the risk of our staff and patients contracting Covid-19, one of which is limiting in-person visits. Wherever possible, initial consultations may be conducted via Skype or Zoom. The number of surgeries have also been reduced and, at present, focus on the more serious cases.

Safety is of utmost concern to us and we appreciate our patients bearing with us during these challenging times.

Is sinus and nasal surgery safe?

All surgeries carry some element of risk in the form of possible side-effects. Side-effects may include infections, bleeding and chronic nasal discharge. However, these potential complications are very uncommon. Most sinus surgeries are performed on a day-case basis, so you can go home on the day of surgery.

In the case of more complicated surgeries, the risks will be clearly explained before you agree to undergo the surgery.

Our surgeons are highly experienced, having performed countless surgeries, with great success.

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